Decide what product is best for you.  Every week you have the opportunity to shop our web page to add things to your order.  We offer produce, Fried Pies, jams & jelly, plants, soaps, and many wonderful products.


Place your order.  If you're local you can pick up at the farm or sign up for our local delivery route.  If you're ordering fried pies or from our skin care line we will ship your order to you.



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How it Works

We have something for everyone!  You can buy from our web page then pick up your order at the farm, sign up for our weekly local delivery route, or certain items can be shipped to you.  

Why Buy Locally?

Buying locally gives you the opportunity to know where your food comes from and how it's grown.  You get the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping a local family continue to do what they love...grow wonderful produce, plants and craft one of a kind items.

Environmentally Sustainable

At Homestead Hill Farm & Nursery we take our responsibality to the Lord for this 35 acres seriously.  We don't use chemicals of any kind on our produce, nursery plants, feed, or even our soap.  We are very particular about our seeds, potting soil and even the products we use in our crafts.  Natural, organic, fresh, localy grown, are all things we hold near and dear to our hearts.

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Feed your family with nothing but the freshest fruits and veggies and because we only sell what we grow on the farm we guarantee you the best quality.



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