Jams & Jelly


There's nothing like fresh homemade jams and jellies.  Our unique flavors are made with all natural ingredients that are either certified organic or grown with organic principles. Try our jams and jelly with some home made bread and you can't go wrong.  Each jar is 8 oz.

Strawberry Banana Jam

Our Strawberry Banana Jam is a little bit of heaven in a jar. This is the jam that will make you a Jam addict!  

Mint Jelly

Our mint jelly is out of this world!  We harvest our own mint in the morning and immediately put it in our jelly so that you get the real thing as close to fresh as possible.

Jalapino Jam

This Jalapeno Jam is something a little different.  This is great on toast or a bagal with cream cheese.

Pina Clada Jam

Take a trip to the tropics on your toast in the morning!  

Fresh n' Natural

Feed your family with nothing but the freshest fruits and veggies and because we only sell what we grow on the farm we guarantee you the best quality.



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