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Our Story

Homestead Hill Farm & Nursery is owned and operated by Marine Corps veteran Sherry Chestnut.  The farm is 35 acres with 1/2 of an acre for produce production, a half-acre of nursery plants, hundreds of fruit and nut trees, and several dome greenhouses for production. 

Sherry and children moved to the farm in 2001 and have been operating the farm and nursery as a part-time business for over 10 years.               

After many trials, health issues and tragedies Sherry is working toward increasing production to facilitate year-round service.

What makes us different?


Homestead Hill Farm & Nursery is a special place.  The mission of our farm is to provide wholesome food and natural products that are enjoyable and sustainable.


We work harmoniously with nature and the land to grow quality, vegetables, fruit, eggs, and meat to supply other families. 


Our nursery plants are grown with the same wholesome, sustainable practices we grow our food with.  No chemicals or poisons!


Our bakery and skin care products are all made with love and are as pure as our produce and meat.



Home Grown

Fresh n' Natural

Feed your family with nothing but the freshest fruits and veggies and because we only sell what we grow on the farm we guarantee you the best quality.



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Locally Grown

Naturally Grown & Fresh

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